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project 1

Bruger AB, 

Next generation of sourcing

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Role: UX/UI designer


Dennis Julin

The first year after my studies I got a summer job in a start-up company that needed help with designing their new platform. Simply put, it was a platform with the main purpose of making it easier for companies and IT-consultants to be matched and paired together. The companies would also be able to send in time reports and see statistics and insights over their spending. The focus was mainly on the functionality and easy interactions for the end user.
My role

I worked together with another designer and our assignment was mainly to design the interface of the platform with a distinct UX perspective. We designed the wireframes in black and grey because our main focus was in general the flow and functionality of the platform, and not the visual design. We decided that the choice of colors, shadows and other UI design choices eventually would take away the focus from the basic functionality of the interface in the early stages of the design. 


I learned a lot in my first real UX job outside of my studies. The lessons I mainly learned includes the work behind planning and delivering in a determined schedule. I realized the importance of having a structured schedule and being precise in evaluating a time frame for a specific design. The most important lesson, however, was the understanding of how a real workplace works and feels like to be involved in. The design studios I participated in during my bachelor was a good practice, but nothing compares to the real experience of working with a project for several months and building relationships with co-workers and clients. 

project 2

Saluta Företagshälsa

Role: UX/UI designer
Group: 5

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This project was one of the many "design studios" we participated in while studying my bachelor in Halmstad. The focus in this design studio was health care and we were contacted by Saluta Företagshälsa that specializes in health care in the workplace. They described that companies often have a hard time seeing the whole picture in the benefits that health care in the workplace can offer. They explicitly wanted help with designing a digital form that they would use in the early meetings with companies with the purpose of deciding goals and choosing services that would help them achieve those goals. They wanted the form to be creative, structured and personal. We decided that it would be a nice detail to also remake their current website to match the form and make it more attractive and lucid.
My role

In this project I was mainly in charge of the design elements of the form and website, even though it was a team effort and the whole group was involved in most of the tasks of this project. We conducted qualitative interviews with people from Saluta and combined that data with qualitative interviews and with people from different companies that possibly could benefit from using Salutas services. After we analyzed the data we started sketching lo-fi prototypes working our way towards designing a prototype that we would be able to evaluate with user testing. 


The result landed in a landing page with basic information about the profits, both social and economic, that comes with adopting health care services in your workplace. Our contact at Saluta had pressed on the importance that companies don't have the awareness needed to see the importance of implementing these services provided. The page also contained information about what services they could offer and previous customers satisfaction with the implementation. 

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project 3

Workflow - Forefront CG

Role: UX/UI designer
Group: 5

Skärmavbild 2020-02-28 kl. 14.58.02.png
​In this project, also a design studio, we worked with Forefront Consulting Group in Halmstad. At the time, they were developing a prototype for an indoor positioning system for various workplaces. They mainly wanted our help with identifying different ways of presenting and visualizing positioning in a map based on the target groups opinions. They also wanted help with mediating and visualizing integrity and privacy in the application knowing that it is an important part in positioning technology, especially in the workplace. Another part of the application was the opportunity to book group rooms and visualizing if the room was available or not. The focus of this designstudio was mobile applications.
My role

My role in this project was the visual design of the application, but I also designed the logo in Adobe Illustrator. In the design studios we would get one area that we were mainly responsible for, but we would of course also assist in other parts like data collection, preparing of the presentation and writing reports. 


As always in the designstudios, we had a limited time frame and I think that shows in the final product. With more time I think we could have paid more attention to details, but then again, we had to remind ourselves that the delivery still was a prototype and not a finished product. We conducted user testing in an early stage of the prototype to ensure that the design was user centered. The feedback was mostly connected to the use of icons in the map. For example, the flag icon that would imply a "filter" button, and the circled icon under it that, when pressed, would throw you back to your personal position. In the case of privacy we implemented a "do not disturb" button in the profile for the co-workers who did not wish to be visible in the map. We also presented an informational text when opening the application that informed the user that the data would not be stored. This was a fun and interesting project mainly because of the privacy aspect that we had to put in to every design choice, it gave the project another dimension and an important meaning.

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